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A novel approach to prepare tetragonal BaTiO(3) nanopowders
Ren, Pengrong
Fan, Huiqing
Wang, Xin
Liu, Kun
Materials Letters, 65(2), pp 212-214, 2011-1-31
BaTiO(3) nanopowders were attempted to synthesize by using a novel straight-forward, solvent free reactions under autogenic pressure at elevated temperature (RAPET) approach. The as-prepared BaTiO(3) nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, high-resolution TEM, and convergent-beam electron diffraction. It was found that Ba(OH)(2)center dot 8H(2)O and Ti(OBu)(4) could be appropriate starting materials to synthesize BaTiO(3) at 973 K for 2 h by using RAPET approach. Pure tetragonal BaTiO(3) nanopowders could be obtained by exceeding moderate amount of Ba(OH)(2)center dot 8H(2)O in the starting materials. The obtained BaTiO(3) nanoparticles had well dispersion and crystallinity, possessed a tetragonal perovskite structure at room temperature and relatively narrow particle size distribution.
Barium titanate; Nanomaterials; RAPET; Dielectrics
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