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An intermetallic Fe-Zr catalyst used for growing long carbon nanotube arrays
Zhao Haibo
Bradford Philip D
Wang Xin
Liu Wei
Luo Tzy Jiun Mark
Jia Quanxi
Zhu Yuntian
Yuan Fuh Gwo
Materials Letters, 2010, 64(18): 1947-1950.
Metallic nanoparticles containing single and binary components have been known for their catalytic properties to grow carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays. In this paper, an intermetallic catalyst consisting of iron and zirconium was used to grow millimeter long, well aligned arrays. The Fe-Zr catalysts enabled the growth of 1.7 mm-long carbon nanotube arrays in 45 min. A comparison with pure iron catalyst indicated that adding Zr to iron can stabilize the Fe catalyst at the CNT growth temperature and moderate its reactivity. SEM images showed the different growth behaviors for Fe-Zr and Fe catalysts. The long, uniform CNT arrays grown here have potential applications in many advanced composites.
Carbon nanotube; Chemical vapor deposition; Fe-Zr
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