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Assessing signals of TMD physics in SIDIS azimuthal asymmetries and in the extraction of the Sivers function
Boglione M
D'Alesio U
Flore C
Gonzalez Hernandez J O
The Journal of High Energy Physics, 2018(7), pp 148, 2018-7-24
New data on the Sivers azimuthal asymmetry measured in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering processes have recently been released by the COMPASS Collaboration at CERN. Their increased precision and their particular binning, in terms of Q(2) as well as x, motivates a new extraction of the Sivers function, within the framework of a simple and transparent parametrization. Signals of TMD effects visible in the Sivers asymmetries are critically assessed. A thorough study of the uncertainties affecting the extracted Sivers function is presented, including the low- and large-x regions.
Deep Inelastic Scattering (Phenomenology); Phenomenological Models
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