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A General Line Tracking Algorithm Based on Computer Vision
Yang Huanhuan
Wang Yinqiu
Gao Li
28th Chinese Control and Decision Conference, 2016-05-28 to 2016-05-30.
This paper presents a general algorithm to track the line on the ground based on computer vision, which utilizes Raspberry Pi 2 to complete the image processing. The algorithm accomplishes image processing firstly, then recognizes the line by edge detection and scanning model. The proposed algorithm can be used in a variety of platforms including intelligent car system, robot platform, UAV platform and other mobile platforms. In this paper, the algorithm is verified by quadrotor platform and achieves great line-tracking effect by tuning parameters. Series of experiments show that the algorithm has great validity, robustness, and generality.
Computer Vision; Mobile Platform; Image Processing; Edge Detection; Scanning Model
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