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A novel semi-quantum secret sharing scheme using entangled states
Yin Ai Han
Tong Yan
Modern Physics Letters B, 2018, 32(22): 1850256.
Semi-quantum secret sharing (SQSS) can transmit secret messages. Most existing SQSS protocols can only use one or two specific entangled states to share unspecific or specific classical message. In this paper, we propose a novel SQSS protocol using N different unspecific two-particle entangled state vertical bar phi (i) = x(i)(vertical bar vertical bar - -) y(i)(vertical bar - vertical bar- -), (x(i)(2) y(i)(2) = 1/2) to share unspecific message, in which quantum Alice can transmit classical messages with classical Bob and Charlie. In addition, we have proved that the protocol can strongly resist some forms of eavesdropping.
Semi-quantum secret sharing; classical message; unspecific state
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