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A novel metal-organic framework with bifunctional tetrazolate-5-carboxylate ligand: Crystal structure and luminescent properties
Li Yan
Zhong Xin Hua
Zheng Fa Kun
Wu Mei Feng
Liu Zhi Fa
Guo Guo Cong
Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 14(2), pp 407-410, 2011-2
Hydrothermal reaction of NaN3, Na(4-cba) (4-Hcba = 4-cyanobenzoic acid) and ZnBr2 afforded a novel 3D Zn(II) coordination polymer [Zn-2(4-tzba)(2)(H2O)](n) 1 (4-H(2)tzba = 4-(5H-tetrazol)benzoic acid). in situ [2 3] cycloaddition reaction of nitrile and azide in the presence of ZnBr2 yielded tetrazolate-5-carboxylate 4-tzba(2-) ligand. Compound 1 displays an unprecedented four-connected topological network with 1D hexagonal channels constructed from trigonal rings [Zn-3(4-tzba)(6)]. The solid-state photoluminescent studies revealed that 1 exhibits a strong blue emission mainly originating from 4-tzba(2-) ligand-centered charge transition.
Metal-organic frameworks; Tetrazolate-5-carboxylate ligand; Trigonal ring; Tubular structure; Luminescent properties
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