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Analysis of Escape Strategy for Population in Hazardous Materials Transportation Based on Simulation
Li Jun
Li Jibing
Gong Pingping
1st International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management in China, 2007-6-26 ~ 2007-6-30, 2007
As the hazardous materials transportation is rising and the accidents of hazardous materials transportation will bring serious results which can cause calamity both on people and the environment, efficient measures should be studied to reduce the number of population injuries and deaths.
The paper gives measures to reduce the number of population injuries and deaths on the condition of gas dispersion through the simulation and analysis of the basic theory of gas dispersion. The actual population escape strategies under different conditions have been analyzed on the basic of simulation. It has studied proper and efficient methods of population escape strategies in the conditions caused by the different population distribution in both sides of the risk source, atmospheric stability and wind speed etc.
The population escape strategies proposed in the paper can give decisive support to decrease the catastrophic extent after the accidents and reduce the population injuries and deaths.
hazardous materials transportation; leakage and dispersion; simulation; population risk
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