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A novel human derived cell-penetrating peptide in drug delivery
Zhao Jian
Gao Peng
Xiao Wei
Fan Li Qiang
Wang Fu Jun
Li Su Xia
Liu Jian Wen
Molecular Biology Reports, 38(4), pp 2649-2656, 2011-4
Cell-penetrating peptides can carry a variety of biologically active molecules into cells. Here we have identified a novel CPP derived from the C-terminus of human extracellular superoxide dismutase (hC-SOD3) which was shown to be located throughout in the cytoplasm and nucleus by fluorescence microscopy investigation. Furthermore, when apoptin fused to hC-SOD3, it was translocated efficiently into HeLa cells resulting in antitumor activities. This study shows that hC-SOD3 has the potential to penetrate and translocate cargo molecules into cells and has no cytotoxicity at effective concentration.
hC-SOD3; Human cell-penetrating peptide; Apoptin; Drug delivery
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