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A quasi-experimental study examining New York State's tobacco-free regulation: Effects on clinical practice behaviors
Eby Lillian T
Laschober Tanja C
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2013, 132(1-2): 158-164.
Background: On July 24, 2008, New York State (NYS) became the first state to require all state-funded or state-certified substance use disorder (SUD) treatment organizations to be 100% tobacco-free and offer tobacco cessation (TC) treatment. %26lt;br%26gt;Methods: The current study used a quasi-experimental, non-equivalent control group design with a pretest and posttest to examine the effect of the NYS tobacco-free regulation on three clinical practice behaviors (use of TC-related intake procedures, use of guideline recommended counseling for TC, and pharmacotherapy availability) in a diverse sample of SUD treatment programs. Repeated cross-sectional data were collected from NYS counselors (experimental group) and non-NYS counselors (control group) approximately 4 months pre-regulation (N = 282 and 659, respectively) and 10-12 months post-regulation (N = 364 and 733, respectively). %26lt;br%26gt;Results: Using mixed-effects models, results at pre-regulation indicate no group differences in the three clinical practice behaviors. However, significant post-regulation effects were found such that the experimental group reports greater use of TC-related intake procedures, guideline recommended counseling, and availability of pharmacotherapy than the control group. Additionally, the experimental but not the control group shows increases in all three clinical practice behaviors from pre-regulation to post-regulation. %26lt;br%26gt;Conclusions: We conclude that the NYS tobacco-free regulation had a significant and positive effect on promoting patient TC efforts among counselors.
Implementation; Tobacco cessation; Longitudinal study; Substance abuse treatment workforce; Substance use disorder treatment; Tobacco-free regulation
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