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A Model-Based Coordinated Control Concept for Steam Power Plants
Ali Chaibakhsh
Ali Ghaffari
Journal of Engineering, 2013, 2013: 1-11.
<jats:p>An application of model-based coordinated control concept for improving the performance and maneuverability of once-through power plants is presented. In this structure, neuro-fuzzy-based Hammerstein models are employed as the core of feedforward (FF) controller to generate the reference trajectories for the plant’s subsystems. The setpoints for fuel, electrical power, and steam pressure are provided by FF controller with respect to load demands. In order to diminish the effect of disturbances and to compensate deviations between variables and corresponding feedforward setpoints, feedback controllers are considered. The error signal defined by the deviation of desired boiler output pressure from its actual value is used to compensate the demand signals for turbine and boiler. The performance of the proposed control system is compared with that of a conventional turbine-follower and also turbine-follower coordinated control modes during load changes. The results indicate the effectiveness and load tracking capability of the proposed control system at different operating conditions.</jats:p>
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