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Applying Prefetching in Online Social Network to gain Social Intelligence
Thangaraj M
Meenatchi V T
International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics ICCCI, 2015-01-08 to 2015-01-10.
From the past decade, the growth of the Web is intensive and powerful in terms of information and knowledge dissemination. Online Social Network (OSN) is one of the popular applications in the age of Web 2.0 era. The formation of a Social Network [1] is through the daily and continuous communication of people and it includes different relationships among them. Social Network Analysis (SNA) plays a vital role in understanding the relationships among the web community. Semantic Web and Web Usage Mining, a branch of Web Mining are applied in SNA to effectively mine, analyze the hot topic discussed and to find the active users in the closed user web community. Using web development group as the test set, the proposed technique effectively retrieves the hot topic and the popular actors in the group with the traditional OSN measures.
Web; Online Social Network; Web Mining; Semantic Web; Web Usage Mining Social Network Analysis
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