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Application of a novel method for a simulation of conductivity of a building material in a climatic chamber
Pia Giorgio
Casnedi M Ludovica
Ricciu Roberto
Besalduch Luigi Antonio
Baccoli Roberto
Mastino Costantino Carlo
Innamorati Roberto
Murru Arianna
Cocco Ombretta
Meloni Paola
Sanna Ulrico
69th Conference of the Italian-Thermal-Engineering-Association (ATI), 2014-09-10 to 2014-09-13.
This work proposes the application of a new simulation method based on fractal geometry for the calculation of the thermal conductivity for building materials. The results obtained are compared with the measurement, in a climatic chamber, of the heat flow through a material chosen as the sample. The test sample is made with "pietracantone", a stone widely used as a building material and as an ornamental stone in the areas of Cagliari and Sassari in Sardinia. This material is characterized by a limestone matrix and a porosity which significantly influences the value of thermal conductivity. It is not known to the authors that this material had already been studied for its thermal properties.
Thermal conductivity; Thermal transmittance measurement; Fractal geometry; Pore size distribution
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