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A New Method for Evaluating Some Thermophysical Properties for Ternary System
Wang Lijun
Chou Kuo chih
Seetharaman Seshadri
High Temperature Materials and Processes, 2008, 27(2): 119-126.
In our earlier papers, we have presented a new method, named the mass triangle model, for calculating physicochemical properties in the ternary system within a limited solubility area. This model was shown to be superior to traditional geometrical models in the computation of ternary data from the known data for the corresponding binaries. In the present paper, the authors extend this method to a ternary system where the entire compositional area inside the ternary triangle is homogeneous. The successful application of this new method to the estimation of surface tension and density has been demonstrated in the case of the system Ni(3)S(2)-FeS-Cu(2)S at 1473K with mean square root error of +/- 1.83%, +/- 4.33% respectively, compared with the experimental results.
geometrical models; thermophysical properties; ternary system
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