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Analysis of vibration intensity over criterion of a diesel engine based on vibration theory and experiment measurements
Liu Zhen
Gao Hongbin
Ouyang Guangyao
On Dasheng
8th International Conference on Electronic Measurement and Instruments, 2007-8-16 ~ 2007-8-18, pp 291-293, 2007
Vibration intensity of a diesel engine was over criterion when it was rigidly set up on its foundation. To found out the reason, vibration velocities of the engine and of its foundation were measured and their coherence was analyzed. Velocity admittance of the foundation was measured, too. Based on these measurements, a conclusion was drawn that small stiffness of the foundation was important reason of vibration intensity that was over criterion. Vibration theory and experiment measurements indicated that vibration of the foundation would be reduced when stiffness of foundation was enhanced, and velocity intensity of the diesel engine would be reduced, too.
diesel engine; vibration intensity; stiffness; rigid displacement
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