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An Accelerated Ray Tracing Method Based on the TSM for the RCS Prediction of 3-D Large-Scale Dielectric Sea Surface
Meng Xiao
Guo Li Xin
Wei Yi Wen
Sun Jie Jing
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 2015, 14: 233-236.
An accelerated ray tracing method based on the two-scale model for the radar-cross-section prediction of 3-D large-scale dielectric sea surface is proposed in this letter. For the accelerated ray tracing method, the sea surface is constructed into a great deal of large triangles that consist of many small triangles; this is called the two-scale model. Then, each ray is traced until it does not have any intersection with the large triangles. At the scattered large triangles, the Physical Optics method is performed to obtain the scattered far fields, which is the summation of scattered field from each small triangle. The comparison to the traditional accelerated ray tracing method is given to demonstrate the accuracy and capability of the new accelerated ray tracing method. Compared to the traditional accelerated ray tracing method, the proposed accelerated ray tracing method can dramatically decrease the computational time.
Accelerated ray tracing method; large-scale dielectric sea surface; two-scale model
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