Effect of Tween 80 on Bubble Size and Mass Transfer in a Bubble Contactor

作者:Belo Isabel; Garcia Abuin Alicia; Gomez Diaz Diego*; Navaza Jose M; Vidal Tato Isabel
来源:Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2011, 34(11): 1790-1796.


Gas absorption in aqueous solutions with Tween 80 and absorption processes based on hydrodynamics and mass transfer is determined. The impact of surfactant concentration on gas holdup and gas-liquid interfacial area is analyzed, observing an increase of these parameters with surfactant concentration. The influence of liquid-phase contamination on the absorption process is investigated on the basis of the liquid-film mass transfer coefficient, removing the effect caused by the presence of a surfactant and the gas flow rate on the interfacial area and, thereby, on the volumetric mass transfer coefficient. The opposite effect on the mass transfer coefficient can be observed which decreases in the presence of the surfactant.

  • 出版日期2011-11