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A novel open-framework zinc phosphite, Zn-3(HPO3)(4)-Ni(en)(2)(H2O)(2), templated by a transition-metal complex
Lin, ZE
Zhang, M
Zheng, ST
Yang, GY
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, (5), pp 953-955, 2004-3-5
A new three-dimensional zinc phosphite, Zn-3(HPO3)(4)- Ni(en)(2)(H2O)(2), which is the first example of an open-framework metal phosphite templated by a transition-metal complex, was hydrothermally synthesized. The connectivity of the strictly alternating ZnO4 and HPO3 units results in a three-dimensional framework with intersecting 8-ring and 12-ring channels, in which the transition-metal complexes reside.
open framework; inorganic solid; zinc; nickel; template synthesis
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