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A rapid reconfiguration strategy for UUV control
Tong, G
Zhu, JM
1st International Symposium on Underwater Technology, Japan, 1998-04-15 to 1998-04-17.
A rapid reconfiguring strategy for; UUV control is proposed to accommodate the acuator faults. Without the necessity to know accurately what are fault like other methods, in this strategy the controller is adjusted so long as the faults are located into a suitable element set. Thus, deviation from normal is prevented soon after the diagnosis process begins, and the performance of the fault; UUV is recovered in stages with the diagnosis process advancing. The strategy is transformed into a robust model-following problem, and a mixed H-2/H-infinity, method is provided to solve it. Moreover, it is applied to some UW model, both the design and the simulation results show their effectiveness.
reconfigurable control; UUV
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