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A thermal-shock-resistance model for laminated ceramics and its validation
Zhou, Zehua
Wang, Zehua
Yi, Yu
Jiang, Shaoqun
Lan, Junsi
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 30(6), pp 1543-1547, 2010-4
A new thermal-shock-resistance (TSR) model for laminated ceramics was developed based on the TSR model for un-laminated ceramics. In the new model, the critical thermal shock temperature difference Delta T(c) is directly correlative to the mechanical and physical properties of laminated ceramics. The Delta T(c) of laminated ceramics with different compositions and structures were calculated and compared with the experimentally tested values to validate the new model. The results indicated that the calculated Delta T(c) agreed well with the experimental results. It is concluded that the analytic TSR model for laminated ceramics could be used as a full qualitative or half quantitative analysis tool to explain and forecast the TSR of laminated ceramics.
Thermal-shock-resistance; Laminated ceramics; Interface; ZrO(2); Al(2)O(3)
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