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An Action-Based Approach to Improving Pain Management in Long-Term Care
Kaasalainen, Sharon
Brazil, Kevin
Coker, Esther
Ploeg, Jenny
Martin Misener, Ruth
Donald, Faith
DiCenso, Alba
Hadjistavropoulos, Thomas
Dolovich, Lisa
Papaioannou, Alexandra
Emili, Anna
Burns, Tim
Canadian Journal on Aging, 29(4), pp 503-517, 2010
Purpose: The study purposes were twofold: (1) to explore barriers to pain management and those associated with implementing a pain management program in long-term care (LTC); and (2) to develop an interprofessional approach to improve pain management in LTC.
Methods: A case study approach included both qualitative and quantitative components. We collected data at two LTC sites using seven focus groups for the licensed nurses, unregulated care providers and physicians, and 10 interviews with other health care provider groups, administration, and residents. We reviewed documents and administered a short survey to study participants to assess perceptions of barriers to pain management.
Results: The findings revealed barriers to effective LTC pain management at the resident/family, health care provider, and system levels. We then developed a six-tiered model with proposed interventions to address these barriers.
Conclusions: This model can guide the development of innovative approaches to improving pain management in LTC settings.
pain management; long-term care; interdisciplinary; barriers assessment
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