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Analysis on large consumer price models in electricity market
Lei, Xia
Liu, Junyong
Du, Liang
Zhang, Li
3rd International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation, Restructuring and Power Technologies, 2008-4-6 ~ 2008-4-9, pp 426-430, 2008
A price determination mode for large consumers is proposed under the present environments with large consumers purchasing electric power from the electricity supply utility in some area in Yunnan. With abundant waterpower in Yunnan, most of consumed electric power of large consumers is signed in the form of contracts. The contract price is determined by optimizing resources and maximizing profits of the supply utility. The different price is in accordance with different demand-price elasticity of large consumers. The difference between planned and actual consumption power is balanced in two spot markets. Because of the randomicity of spot price and trading power, the sale price of the supply utility in spot market is calculated based on stochastic programming. At last, simulation verifies the rationality of the models, which solves a part of problems faced by the supply utility in selling electricity to large consumers.
demand-price elasticity; electricity market; electricity supply utility; large consumers; multi-objective programming; season-of-use price; spot price; stochastic programming
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