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Analysis of user's behavior and resource characteristics for private trackers
Li Qiang
Qin Tao
Guan Xiaohong
Zheng Qinghua
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, 2015, 8(3): 432-446.
In recent years, a novel BitTorrent (BT) technology, Private Tracker (PT), has received extensive attention from both academia and industry. Due to its huge amount of traffic volumes and users, it is essential to understand PT's characteristics regarding system management. In this paper, by studying the data crawled from a number of well-known PT sites, we performed an in-depth measurement and analysis of the PT system, in terms of resources and users' behavior characteristics. The analysis of the activity and age distributions of torrents indicates that the sequence of torrent activities followed a power-law distribution while the sequence of torrent's age followed a linear distribution. It was also found that the resources redundancy between any two PTs was larger than 60 %, which led to a substantial waste of storage space and power energy due to the lack of sharing mechanism among PT sites. Measurements on the users' behavior show that every PT site had a number of users with stable levels who contributed to the survivability and popularity of the site. Finally, based on the results, several drawbacks of PT system were identified, which are crucial for efficacious system management.
Private tracker; BitTorrent; Measurement; Resource redundancy; User behavior
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