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A New Robot Stance Control Method
Wang, Xianfeng
Hong, Bingrong
Zhong, Qiubo
Piao, Songhao
International Conference on Civil Engineering and Building Materials (CEBM), 2011-7-29 ~ 2011-7-31, pp 2101-2105, 2011
This paper is aimed at presenting a new method to control robot stance by using cart-curved table model. Our proposed method is based on ensuring the overall dynamic balance through the complete running cycle. Trajectory of center of mass (CoM) for humanoid robot is planned in single leg support phase and flight phase, respectively. In the mean time, foot trajectory of humanoid robot is planned by using polynomial interpolation In order to move smoothly all joints, the zero moment point (ZMP) equation is discretized and joint torque values of each joint is solved according to dynamic equation. The simulation shows that successful and repetitive running cycles is obtained and humanoid robot can run stably. Our proposed methed is verified satisfactorily.
zero moment point(ZMP); humanoid robot; running robot
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