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An investigation on different aspects of transgenic plant application: The perception of biosciences experts in Tehran province
Naeimi Amir
Rad Gholamreza Pezeshki
Namdar Raziyeh
Fami Hossein Shabanali
Journal of Food Agriculture and Environment, 2011, 9(3-4): 1030-1035.
Nowadays, agricultural biotechnology besides traditional methods of breeding introduced new and powerful instruments; and most important results appeared in sustainable agricultural development as well as in quality and quantity of food improvement. In recent decade, modern biotechnology is related to food safety, responds to food needs of growing population and had present new consequences through GM production. The modern technology of transgenic plant production has experienced huge investments in both developed and developing countries, during the last 20 years. In Iran, transgenic plant production prospect and its related economical, social and synergetic aspects, could be studied in two distinct divisions of plants resistant to diseases and pests and those which are resistant to environmental stresses. The purpose of this study was to investigate aspect of transgenic plant application. The research design of the study was a survey using descriptive-correlation technique. The statistical population consisted of bioscience experts in Tehran province (N = 75). A census study was used to gathering data. A questionnaire was designed as a data gathering instrument. At last, 63 questionnaires were collected and analysed. The instrument face and content validity was achieved by a panel of experts of agricultural extension and education and biotechnology. A reliability analysis of questionnaire was conducted by a pilot test and Cronbach's alpha values were obtained ranging 0.81-0.93 for various parts of the questionnaire. The descriptive results showed that the expert's attitude toward using transgenic plants was nearly in "agreed level" (Mean = 3.46). The results of bivariate correlation analysis showed that there was a positive and significant correlation between economic aspect (P = 0.01), social aspect (P = 0.05), health-hygiene aspect (P = 0.05) with the experts' attitude toward transgenic plant application. The results of the multivariate linear regression indicated that 22% (R(2) = 0.218) of the variance in experts' perception toward application of transgenic plant could be explained by the economic aspect.
Transgenic plant; economic; social and health; hygiene aspects; biosciences experts; Iran
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