Anti-Inflammatory evaluation of black rice extract inhibits TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma and IL-6 cytokines produced by immunocompetent cells

作者:Hartati Fadjar Kurnia*; Widjanarko Simon Bambang; Widyaningsih Tri Dewanti; Rifa'i Muhaimin
来源:Food and Agricultural Immunology, 2017, 28(6): 1116-1125.


Black rice has been known for its many beneficial effects to our body because it contains several chemical compounds that act as anti-inflammatory agents. This study aims to compare the anti-inflammatory activity of ethanol extract and aqueous extract of black rice. Anti-inflammatory activity test was performed in vitro on splenocytes of diabetes mellitus mice model as the control of inflammation. Cells were cultured in Roswell Park Memorial Institute medium with 10% fetal bovine serum, anti-CD3 and lipopolysaccharide and black rice extract 50, 100 and 200 mu g/mL. In day 3, cells were harvested, stained and analyzed by flow cytometry. The result shows that the ethanol extract and aqueous extract of black rice have anti-inflammatory activity. 50 mu g/mL black rice aqueous extract has the most extensive anti-inflammatory activity indicated by increased T-reg cells, decreased nuclear factor kappa B activity on CD4(+), CD8(+) T cells, decreased production of TNF- alpha by CD4(+) T cells, decreased production of IL-6 and IFN-gamma by macrophages.

  • 出版日期2017