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An analysis of B -> eta '; K decays using a global fit in QCD factorization
Dutta, B
Kim, CS
Oh, S
Zhu, GH
European Physical Journal C, 37(3), pp 273-284, 2004-10
In the framework of QCD factorization, we study B+(0) --> eta';K+(0) decays. In order to more reliably determine the phenomenological parameters X-H and X-A arising from end-point divergences in the hard spectator scattering and weak annihilation contributions, we use the global analysis for twelve B --> PP and VP decay modes, such as B --> pipi, piK, rhopi, rhoK, et cetera, but excluding the modes whose (dominant) internal quark-level process is b --> s(s) over bar s. Based on the global analysis, we critically investigate possible magnitudes of X-H,X-A and find that both large and small X-H,X-A terms are allowed by the global fit. In the case of the large X-H,X-A effects, the standard model (SM) prediction of the branching ratios (BRs) for B+(0) --> eta';K+(0) is large and well consistent with the experimental results. In contrast, in the case of the small X-H,X-A effects, the SM prediction for these BRs is smaller than the experimental data. Motivated by the recent Belle measurement of sin(2phi(1)) through B-0 --> phiK(s), if we take into account possible new physics effects on the quark-level process b --> s(s) over bar s, we can explicitly show that these large BRs can be understood even in the small X-H,X-A case. Specifically, we present two new physics scenarios: R-parity violating SUSY and R-parity conserving SUSY.
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