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A note on multi-criteria ABC inventory classification using weighted linear optimization
Zhou, Peng
Fan, Liwei
European Journal of Operational Research, 182(3), pp 1488-1491, 2007-11-1
Ramanathan [R. Ramanathan, ABC inventory classification with multiple-criteria using weighted linear optimization, Computers & Operations Research 33 (2006) 695-700] recently proposed a weighted linear optimization model for multicriteria ABC inventory classification. Despite its many advantages, Ramanathan';s model (R-model) could lead to a situation where an item with a high value in an unimportant criterion is inappropriately classified as a class A item. In this paper we present an extended version of the R-model for multi-criteria inventory classification. Our model provides a more reasonable and encompassing index since it uses two sets of weights that are most favourable and least favourable for each item. An illustrative example is presented to compare our model and the R-model.
inventory; multiple criteria analysis; classification
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