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Annulation of beta-Enaminonitriles with Alkynes via Rh-III-Catalyzed C-H Activation: Direct Access to Highly Substituted 1-Naphthylamines and Naphtho[1,8-bc]pyridines
Wang Haili
Xu Hong
Li Bin
Wang Baiquan
Organic Letters, 20(18), pp 5640-5643, 2018-9-21
A Cp*Rh-III-catalyzed oxidative annulation of beta-enaminonitriles with alkynes was reported to achieve selective synthesis of polysubstituted 1-naphthylamines and naphtho[1,8-bc]pyridines via multiple C-H activations. Assisted by a naphthylamine NH2 group, 1-naphthylamines were also readily cyclized to produce naphtho[1,8-bc]pyridines. In addition, the obtained naphtho[1,8-bc]pyridine derivatives exhibit intense fluorescence in the solid state.
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