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Adaptive control of bifurcation and chaos in a time-delayed system
Li Ning
Yuan Hui Qun
Sun Hai Yi
Zhang Qing Ling
Chinese Physics B, 22(3), pp 030508, 2013-3
In this paper, the stabilization of a continuous time-delayed system is considered. To control the bifurcation and chaos in a time-delayed system, a parameter perturbation control and a hybrid control are proposed. Then, to ensure the asymptotic stability of the system in the presence of unexpected system parameter changes, the adaptive control idea is introduced, i.e., the perturbation control parameter and the hybrid control parameter are automatically tuned according to the adaptation laws, respectively. The adaptation algorithms are constructed based on the Lyapunov-Krasovskii stability theorem. The adaptive parameter perturbation control and the adaptive hybrid control methods improve the corresponding constant control methods. They have the advantages of increased stability, adaptability to the changes of the system parameters, control cost saving, and simplicity. Numerical simulations for a well-known chaotic time-delayed system are performed to demonstrate the feasibility and superiority of the proposed control methods. A comparison of the two adaptive control methods is also made in an experimental study.
delay; parameter perturbation control; hybrid control; adaptive control
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