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Analysis of the androgen receptor-regulated lncRNA landscape identifies a role for ARLNC1 in prostate cancer progression
Zhang Yajia
Pitchiaya Sethuramasundaram
Cieslik Marcin
Niknafs Yashar S
Tien Jean C Y
Hosono Yasuyuki
Iyer Matthew K
Yazdani Sahr
Subramaniam Shruthi
Shukla Sudhanshu K
Jiang Xia
Wang Lisha
Liu Tzu Ying
Uhl Michael
Gawronski Alexander R
Qiao Yuanyuan
Xiao Lanbo
Dhanasekaran Saravana M
Juckette Kristin M
Kunju Lakshmi P
Cao Xuhong
Patel Utsav
Batish Mona
Shukla Girish C
Paulsen Michelle T
Ljungman Mats
Jiang Hui
Mehra Rohit
Nature Genetics, 2018, 50(6): 814- .
The androgen receptor (AR) plays a critical role in the development of the normal prostate as well as prostate cancer. Using an integrative transcriptomic analysis of prostate cancer cell lines and tissues, we identified ARLNC1 (AR-regulated long noncoding RNA 1) as an important long noncoding RNA that is strongly associated with AR signaling in prostate cancer progression. Not only was ARLNC1 induced by the AR protein, but ARLNC1 stabilized the AR transcript via RNA-RNA interaction. ARLNC1 knockdown suppressed AR expression, global AR signaling and prostate cancer growth in vitro and in vivo. Taken together, these data support a role for ARLNC1 in maintaining a positive feedback loop that potentiates AR signaling during prostate cancer progression and identify ARLNC1 as a novel therapeutic target.
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