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Analysis of Transmission Capacity Region in D2D Integrated Cellular Networks with Power Control
Liu Junyu
Sheng Min
Wang Xijun
Zhang Yan
Sun Hongguang
Li Jiandong
IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2015-06-08 to 2015-06-12.
The integration of Device-to-Device (D2D) communications into cellular networks, albeit improving spectrum efficiency, may inevitably lead to cross-tier interference between cellular users and D2D users. In this paper, we endow D2D users with the capability of power control to address the crosstier interference and theoretically analyze the benefits of power control in enhancing the transmission capacity region (TCR). In particular, based on transmission capacity, the TCR is defined as the enclosure of all feasible combinations of transmitter intensities in cellular and D2D networks. We first employ the stochastic geometry framework to derive closed-form expressions of the TCR for two prevalent spectrum sharing modes, i.e., reuse mode and dedicated mode. As for the reuse mode, we then study how to enlarge the TCR through initializing the power levels of cellular users and D2D users. Finally, the dedicated mode is compared with the reuse mode through TCR. Specifically, given the same target rate for cellular users and D2D users, the reuse mode is shown to outperform the dedicated mode in terms of the TCR when 2 alpha/2 <= theta 2, where alpha and theta are, respectively, the path loss exponent and decoding threshold. The analysis provides useful guidance for spectrum regulation and design of efficient power control techniques in D2D integrated cellular networks.
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