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A novel chainlike As-V-O polymer based on a transition metal complex and a dimeric polyoxoanion
Cui, XB
Xu, JQ
Meng, H
Zheng, ST
Yang, GY
Inorganic Chemistry, 43(25), pp 8005-8009, 2004-12-13
The novel polyoxometalate {[As8V13NiClO41][Ni(en)(2)(H2O)][Ni(en)(2)]}{[Ni(en)(2)(H2O)(2)](0.5)}(. )4H(2)O (1), which is the first example of a chainlike inorganic-organic hybrid polymer based on dimeric polyoxoanions linked by nickel complex fragments, has been synthesized in the system of AS(2)O(3)-V2O5-H2C2O4-en-NiCl(2)(.)6H(2)O-H2O under hydrothermal conditions and characterized by IR, TGA, elemental analysis, single crystal X-ray diffraction, XPS, and magnetic susceptibility studies, respectively. This compound crystallized in the triclinic space group P $(1) over bar $ with a = 13.358(3) Angstrom, b = 14.198(3) Angstrom, c = 19.723(4) Angstrom, alpha = 83.88(3)degrees, beta = 86.04(3)degrees, gamma = 64.66(3)degrees, V = 3360.2(2) Angstrom(3), and Z = 2. Interestingly, the dimeric polyoxoanion contains two {[Ni(en)(2)(H2O)][As8V13NiClO41]} cluster units linked by Ni-O-As bonds and is a Ni-substituted [As8V13NiClO41] cluster supported by [Ni(en)(2)(H2O)] coordination fragment. The chainlike structure consists of {[Ni(en)(2)(H2O)][AS(8)V(13)NiClO(41)]}(2) dimeric polyoxoanions and [Ni(en)21 groups which are linked together through vertexes forming a unique one-dimensional polymer. The study of the magnetic susceptibility of 1 demonstrates the presence of antiferromagnetic interaction in 1.
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