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A novel temperature-stable and low-loss microwave dielectric composite ceramics Li2Mg3SnO6-SrTiO3
Fu, Zhifen
Ma, Jianli
Liu, Peng
Materials Letters, 2018, 218: 135-138.
Phase structure, microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of temperature-stable (1 - x) Li2Mg3SnO6-xSrTiO(3) (x = 0.08, 0.12, 0.16, 0.20, 0.24, 0.28) composite ceramics were investigated. The results showed that ceramics contain Li2Mg3SnO6 and SrTiO3 phases and well-densified microstructure were obtained at 1375 degrees C. The microwave dielectric properties strongly depended on SrTiO3 content x. With increasing x, the dielectric constant (epsilon(r)) increased from 11.0 to 17.0, the quality factor (Q x f) decreased from 105,100 GHz to 30,770 GHz, and the temperature coefficient of resonant frequency (tau(f)) significantly increased from -35.4 ppm/degrees C to 37.3 ppm/degrees C. 0.8Li(2)Mg(3)SnO(6)-0.2SrTiO(3) composite ceramics displayed a higher relative density of 97.2% and well microwave dielectric properties of epsilon(r) = 14.2, Q x f = 67,260 GHz, tau(f) = -4.8 ppm/degrees C.
Dielectric properties; Microstructure; Li2Mg3SnO6; Ceramics
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