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An improved method to monitor the health of seagrass meadows based on kriging
Leriche Agathe
Boudouresque Charles Francois
Monestiez Pascal
Pasqualini Vanina
Aquatic Botany, 2011, 95(1): 51-54.
This paper focuses on the spatial pattern of the shoot density of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica through kriging methods. Kriging is a group of geostatistical techniques to predict the value of a field at an unobserved location from observations of its value at nearby locations. The results of an ordinary kriging of both raw values of shoot density and normalized shoot density with reference to a density vs. depth model (Dn) were compared. Results confirmed the existence of spatially organized parameters other than depth that influence patterns of P. oceanica shoot density. Although still requiring additional testing for complete validation, Dn mapping appears to be a valuable tool to (1) infer causes for the meadow's condition and to design a cost-effective field survey; (2) define areas where protection policies should be undertaken.
Shoot density; Depth; Monitoring; Mapping; Posidonia oceanica; Mediterranean
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