New Covalent Capture Probes for Imaging and Therapy, Based on a Combination of Binding Affinity and Disulfide Bond Formation

作者:Aweda Tolulope A; Eskandari Vahid; Kukis David L; Boucher David L; Marquez Bernadette V; Beck Heather E; Mitchell Gregory S; Cherry Simon R; Meares Claude F*
来源:Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2011, 22(8): 1479-1483.


We describe the synthesis and development of new reactive DOTA-metal complexes for covalently targeting engineered receptors in vivo, which have superior tumor uptake and clearance properties for biomedical applications. These probes are, found to clear efficiently through the kidneys and minimally through other routes, but bind persistently in the tumor target. We also explore the new technique of Cerenkov luminescence imaging to optically monitor radiolabeled probe distribution and kinetics in vivo. Cerenkov luminescence imaging uniquely enables sensitive noninvasive in vivo imaging of a beta(-) emitter such as (90)Y with an optical imager.

  • 出版日期2011-8