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An improved constant volume cycle model for performance analysis and shape design of PDRE nozzle
Li Guangyu
Li Xiaowei
Ding Jue
Weng Peifen
Lu Zhanbin
Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (English Edition ), 2018, 39(2): 193-206.
An improved constant volume cycle (CVC) model is developed to analyze the nozzle effects on the thrust and specific impulse of pulse detonation rocket engine (PDRE). Theoretically, this model shows that the thrust coefficient/specific impulse of PDRE is a function of the nozzle contraction/expansion ratio and the operating frequency. The relationship between the nozzle contraction ratio and the operation frequency is obtained by introducing the duty ratio, by which the key problem in the theoretical design can be solved. Therefore, the performance of PDRE can be accessed to guide the preliminary shape design of nozzle conveniently and quickly. The higher the operating frequency of PDRE is, the smaller the nozzle contraction ratio should be. Besides, the lower the ambient pressure is, the larger the expansion ratio of the nozzle should be. When the ambient pressure is 1.013 x 10(5) Pa, the optimal expansion ratio will be less than 2.26. When the ambient pressure is reduced to vacuum, the extremum of the optimal thrust coefficient is 2.236 9, and the extremum of the specific impulse is 321.01 s. The results of the improved model are verified by numerical simulation.
pulse detonation rocket engine (PDRE); nozzle; specific impulse; thrust; constant volume cycle (CVC) model
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