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Analysis of Active-Clamp Response to Power-On ESD: Power Supply Integrity and Performance Tradeoffs
Mertens Robert
Thomson Nicholas
Xiu Yang
Rosenbaum Elyse
IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, 2015, 15(3): 263-271.
An active rail clamp circuit provides protection against component-level ESD; this work explores the challenges associated with designing a rail clamp to additionally provide protection when the IC is powered on. The fast transient response required to protect against ESD makes it difficult to design a stable circuit and introduces tradeoffs between supply integrity and the clamping characteristic. This work presents an analysis of how these performance metrics are affected by device sizes. Interactions between a rail clamp circuit, which may be an active or passive clamp, and the parasitic elements of the package and board are examined; it is shown that these interactions may briefly power down the supply.
Circuit stability; electromagnetic compatibility; electrostatic discharge; immunity testing; integrated circuit reliability; system-level ESD
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