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An 11.6 W output, 6 kHz linewidth, single-polarization EDFA-MOPA system with a (C2H2)-C-13 frequency stabilized fiber laser
Fujisaki Akira
Matsushita Shunichi
Kasai Keisuke
Yoshida Masato
Hirooka Toshihiko
Nakazawa Masataka
Optics Express, 2015, 23(2): 1081-1087.
We demonstrate a record high CW output power of 11.6 W and an ultra-narrow linewidth of 6 kHz in an all-fiber master oscillator and power amplifier (MOPA) fiber laser system. The master oscillator is a (C2H2)-C-13 frequency-stabilized single-polarization fiber laser with a 100 mW output. The power amplifier section consists of a core-pumped polarizationmaintained erbium-doped fiber pumped by a 1480 nm cascaded Raman fiber laser. A total electric-to-optical conversion efficiency with a record high value of 12% was achieved with an all-fiber configuration.
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