New developments in MRI of the liver

作者:Bastati Huber N*; Prosch H; Baroud S; Magnaldi S; Schima W; Ba Ssalamah A
来源:Radiologe, 2011, 51(8): 680-687.


Radiology has gained an exceptional position in medicine because a correct diagnosis is the most crucial issue in determining an accurate and personalized therapeutic strategy. This has a direct influence not only on the individual patient but also on the socio-economic aspects of healthcare services in terms of shortening the time interval to establish a diagnosis and to avoid risk-associated invasive diagnostic methods or long-term, cost-intensive follow-up. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an excellent example of this which due to continuous technological developments and emerging techniques allows a non-invasive diagnosis of the different hepatic diseases. In this article, we illustrate the direct correlation between the recent technical advances in MRI, such as 3.0 T, diffusion-weighted imaging, perfusion imaging, spectroscopy, texture analysis and MR elastography and obtaining a confident non-invasive diagnosis of focal and diffuse liver diseases.

  • 出版日期2011-8