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Analysis on geological anomalies of middle part of the SanJiang region, Southwest China
Chen, Jianping
Chen, Yong
Yu, Haisheng
12th Conference of the International-Association-for-Mathematical-Geology, 2007-8-26 ~ 2007-8-31, pp 778-781, 2007
Geological anomaly is geological body or complex body with obviously different composition, structure or orders of genesis as compared with those surrounding areas. It is a geological clue to locate ore deposits. In this paper, the authors firstly analyzed and delineated the geological anomalies of the middle part of Sanjiang rejoin, which is a portion of the Paleotethys-Himalaya polymetallic deposits belt. And then put forward two indices of ore-forming intensity and ore-forming extensity to evaluate regional mineral resources The result shows that the structures and strata have close relationship with mineralization.Anomalies of stratum complexity, structure density and geological combinatorial entropy can be used as indicators for deposits prognosis; However, Magmatic rocks have no significant relationship with ore deposits in this region. Through mineral resources assessment in this region, we also found that Permian strata has the highest ore-forming intensity, ore-forming extensity. Therefore, Triassic strata of high strata complexity and complex structure area is suggested to be the most promising stratum for Cu-Pb-Zn-Au-Ag deposits prospecting in this region.
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