A comparative measurement of phi -> K+K- and phi -> mu(+)mu(-) in In-In collisions at the CERN SPS

作者:Arnaldi R; Banicz K; Castor J; Chaurand B; Chen W; Cicalo C; Colla A; Cortese P; Damjanovic S; David A; de Falco A*; Devaux A; Ducroux L; En'yo H; Fargeix J; Ferretti A; Floris M; Foerster A; Force P; Guettet N; Guichard A; Gulkanian H; Heuser J M; Keil M; Li Z; Lourenco C; Lozano J; Manso F; Martins P; Masoni A; Neves A; Ohnishi H; Oppedisano C; Parracho P; Pillot P; Poghosyan T; Puddu G; Radermacher E; Ramalhete P
来源:Physics Letters B, 2011, 699(5): 325-329.


The NA60 experiment at the CERN SPS has studied phi meson production in In-In collisions at 158 AGeV via both the K+K- and the mu(+)mu(-) decay channels. The yields and inverse slope parameters of the m(T) spectra observed in the two channels are compatible within errors, different from the large discrepancies seen in Pb-Pb collisions between the hadronic (NA49) and dimuon (NA50) decay channels. Possible physics implications are discussed.

  • 出版日期2011-5-23
  • 单位RIKEN